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Hair transplantation – Solution To Hair Problems

Hair is one of the most important parts of a person’s beauty as it completes the look of face. So, when person start losing his/her hairs, it is very general that it will affect its confidence. Hair loss disturbs work as well as the social life. A normal fall of hair a day is up to 100, if it is more than this it would be treated as the hair loss. And today many people are suffering with these problems. Thus it is very necessary to find the best hair treatment in Ahmedabad.


For hair treatment in Ahmedabad, Avenue Cosmetics is one of the best clinics where you can get the best treatment for your hair with latest technologies. The clinic has the finest doctors for FUE Hair Transplant & FUT Hair Transplant. The team of doctors is highly qualified and has many years of experience of successful hair transplant. The clinic is fully equipped with high class machines and instruments used in transplantation.

Hair Transplantation:

  • It is a surgical technique which involves harvesting of hair follicles with surrounding tissues with one part of the scalp to another.
  • Mainly two types of techniques are used during the hair transplantation. One is called FUT (Strip method) and other is FUE (Follicular Unit extraction).

  • In FUT, a portion of the scalp is expelled from the benefactor site and hair unions are gathered from the same. The zone from where the strip was expelled is then sutured back giving a normal hair growth on your scalp.

  • In the case of FUE, follicular unit are extracted one after the other from hearing bearing area and then they are placed to bad area by making small holes. As the transplantation is of one unit at the time there are no entry points, which implies that there are additionally no sutures or scars. In FUE individual unions are expelled and are then very immediately set into the beneficiary site.

The process of hair transplant is a single day procedure but you have to take sittings according to the hair baldness pattern. This process is completely painless a local anesthesia is given to the patient, but the patient remains conscious through the procedure. A patient can go home immediately after the surgery.

The reasons you can choose Avenue Cosmetics for Hair Treatment in Ahmedabad

  • Patient can get the world class facilities at the clinic.

  • Team of doctors with high skills and experience.

  • You can get 100% and satisfactory results

  • Treatment is done at affordable and economical rates.

  • Patients are treated very well with friendly staff members.

  • Free consultation is given to the patient before and after the treatment.

Avenue Cosmetics have successfully bring smiles to many faces. Now you can go for best treatment with a world class hair treatment centre.

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